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The Heriford House was established for many different reasons: A note from the owner.

Some individuals and families have difficulty in accessing affording therapy.  A part of my mission is to make therapy affordable and accessible.   We have recently been able to accept some insurance and most Medicaids, however, for those uninsured or under insured we do operate with a sliding scale fee.  Rates are between $15.00-$100.00 per session.  See Rates section for further details.

Another issue I found was that there are only a few minority counselors in our area.  As one of the few minority therapists, I found it difficult to refer clients that requested a minority clinician.  So not only are there only a handful of minority counselors but many times they were not accepting patients.  As the owner of the Heriford House I have made it my mission to train therapists to become culturally aware and competent to work with the diverse individuals and families in our community. 

Commitment to Diversity

The Heriford House Counseling Center is committed to providing affordable and accessible therapeutic services that are culturally competent.  We understand that everyone has their own differences and it is important to us that everyone who seeks services feels comfortable and confident that they are respected and welcome in our space.  It is our mission to create an environment which provides awareness and acceptance of all types of individual differences, including: age, culture, disability, gender, gender identity, military background, national origin, race/ethnicity, religious beliefs/affiliation, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status and other diverse identities. We meet every client where they are and strive to be sensitive to the effects of diversity related issues such as oppression, marginalization, discrimination and other forms of intolerance.

Lastly, it is my mission to help those future therapists by offering supervision and counseling experience.  This is one of the reasons that we are able to keep the session rates so affordable.  I often receive phone calls from students needing internships and newly licensed therapists needing supervision. This shows that there is a need in getting proper training and experience especially for working with minorities, non-traditional families and with children that have behavioral issues.

These reasons and more are what makes up the Heriford House. Thanks for being apart of our journey. 

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